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Family law matters can be challenging. At Astl Law PLLC, we understand the emotions that can be involved in your case.


Every divorce – formally, dissolution of marriage – whether uncontested or contested, is unique and personal to those involved. The decision to seek the legal dissolution of your marriage should not be taken lightly as divorce has an effect on many areas of a person’s life, both financially and emotionally, and can have long-lasting effects. No other area of the law touches your life as intimately as a divorce.

When you are faced with the reality of ending your marriage or other family law related matter, you want an attorney you can trust. Your financial security and your relationship with your children are too important to entrust with just anyone. We have nearly 20 years of experience in these matters and will work to provide you with the best outcome possible whether that is through negotiation and settlement or through litigation. 

Beginning with our initial consultation, we will listen to you to develop a strategy that will maximize our ability to achieve your long-term goals and objectives. We understand that your situation is unique and will require a personalized strategy and response. At Astl Law PLLC, we are dedicated to protecting your interests and we will provide tailored legal services to address the needs of you and your family. 

Divorce involves many legal decisions that can have far reaching ramifications. Although post-divorce / post-judgment modification is available, it is important for a divorcing couple to make decisions that they can live with long term. Sometimes these decisions are easy and sometimes they are difficult. At Astl Law PLLC we can help you navigate the complexities associated with a divorce and we will assist you in making sure that your interests are protected. We offer reliable and practical advice and we will always focus on you and never forget that we are dealing with real people with real needs and real pain. 


If your family law situation involves the post-divorce / post-judgment enforcement of a financial obligation (alimony or child support), equitable distribution, or timesharing, you should seek assistance from experienced legal counsel. Regardless of which side of this situation you find yourself on, we can provide you with the legal assistance you need in addressing these issues.

If you have an enforcement or contempt issue, please give us a call at (813) 279-6699. We will be happy to discuss your situation with you.


Few issues in family law have as much emotional impact as the subject of child paternity, parental responsibility, and timesharing. Parental responsibility refers to a collection of responsibilities and rights that parents have regarding their children’s general welfare, authority, religion, education and health care. Spouses or parents may settle these issues and timesharing out of court through a private agreement or mediation, which is preferable over litigation.

In cases where parental responsibility and/or timesharing are contested, the court must make a determination to “promote the best interests and welfare of the child”. The judge will consider your past and present conduct, and whether the evidence supports your claim. You must demonstrate that your behavior and abilities will enhance your child’s overall welfare better than your spouse’s or the other parent. Other factors the court may take into consideration include: physical, mental, emotional, moral and religious factors, the child’s preference, each parent’s caretaking ability, each parent’s home environment, each parent’s availability to the child, each parent’s economic situation and potential, the child’s bonding with other siblings, and other factors that illustrate what is best for the child. 

Florida statutes show no preference to either a mother or father in parental responsibility and timesharing matters. The court may award split timesharing to both parties, or give majority timesharing to one parent and minority timesharing to the other.

Custody decisions will affect your family life after divorce for a long time, so it is in yours and your child’s best interests to understand your legal rights and obligations. An experienced family law attorney can assist in developing and negotiating comprehensive settlement agreements, providing references to mediation expertise, and formalizing agreements reached as a result of mediation or litigation.

We will always give you the best advice we can based on your individual needs regarding your child’s best interests when negotiating parental responsibility, timesharing arrangements, and Parenting Plans with the other parent. We help you through challenging situations involving relocation, or even allegations of parental alienation, family violence, and abuse.

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