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Tenacity. Proven Results.

I have been a resident of the Tampa area for over 30 years, and Wesley Chapel for 19 years. I bring a plethora of demonstrated legal experience ranging from all areas of contested and uncontested family law, paternity, criminal defense, civil matters, business and corporate law, personal injury, and music and entertainment law. I enjoy litigation, but of course expend every effort and avenue to try to resolve a matter with the least expense, time, and frustration for my clients.
- Attorney Kevin D. Astl

Family Law

Divorce cases are first and foremost about the lives, relationships, and futures of the people involved. Because divorce creates significant disruption resulting in permanent changes there are many questions you might have at the outset, such as: How will we split up our property? Will I be able to support myself? How do I protect my relationship with my children? Where will I live? Where will my children live? How do I prevent my spouse from moving or dissipating our assets?

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Elder Law

I have been working in the estate planning field since 1999. During that time I have assisted many clients and their families with successful Medicaid applications for long-term nursing home care. I have drafted hundreds of trusts for clients for asset protection, specifically for dealing with the nursing home issue. Fifty percent of us who live to age 65 will spend some amount of time in long-term nursing care. That means that, today, if you are 65 years old you have a 1 in 2 chance of spending $9,171.00 per month. Did you set money aside for such a scenario?

The answer is: Yes, you did.

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Other Legal Services

Music Law, Select Criminal Defense Law, Small Business Representation

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Why Choose Astl Law

There are hundeds of attorneys in the area, so why us?


Uncompromising experiencee

I have competently and ethically represented well over a thousand individuals in divorce and family law related matters in nearly twenty years of intensely involved legal practice


Personal attention to YOUR legal situation

My clients will attest that I am a tenacious, zealous advocate, a maven for issue-spotting and preparation, and with uncharacteristic sensitivity for my client’s needs.


Efficient, reliable, and aggressive

I have conducted over one-hundred (100) Family Law trials - contested trials, not simply uncontested matters - eleven (11) Criminal Defense trials, and co-chaired three (3) large damages Personal Injury trials – one a heart-wrenching high damages wrongful death claim of a young father of three small children.


Astl Law takes a compassionate but serious approach to our clients and their legal needs.

"Kevin represented me in a three year post supplemental battle with my extremely litigious ex whom tried to gain full custody and milk every dollar out of me she could including paying for her attorney fees. She played every angle possible claiming abuse, attempted to manipulate doctors and therapists, defamation of myself and new wife, injunction orders, etc. If you can think of it....she did it...and then more. Prior to hiring Kevin the odds seemed stacked against me and court hearings were definitely not going in my favor. Once Kevin was on the case the tables completely turned. He was amazing in aggressively defending my position within the law and effective in bringing to the surface the games my ex-wife was playing and her manipulation of the family court system. All said and done I never lost a hearing after hiring Kevin and, even better, the numerous motions filed by my Ex were all DENIED!!! I highly recommend Kevin to anyone needing legal expertise in family law."


"We have engaged Attorney Astl's services on three separate occasions regarding my step-daughter since 2012. My wife and I had no idea what to expect and were novices when it came to this. In meeting with Mr. Astl he was straightforward and made no promises, but his confidence and knowledge immediately put us at ease. Kevin's thoroughness and detail-oriented methods made us feel as if we were in a position of power regarding our case – and we prevailed. Later, we needed to get an emergency hearing to take my step-daughter to Bermuda for possible relocation for work. Mr. Astl made this happen and with ease submitted the documents necessary. This may be seen as routine by some but attorney Astl went over and above with his submissions which were noticed by the presiding judge immediately and as he pointed out to us. After winning the order to visit Bermuda we had the battle for relocation. Kevin and staff were intense in their search to find our daughter's biological father who refused to sign the relocation papers even though he had been nonexistent in her life. Kevin and his team performed nothing short of miracles in this endeavor and the final hearing was found in our favor once again! It is imperative to point out that judge number three made it a point to say and commend Attorney Astl on his preparedness, execution of documents and his courtroom style in our hearing. I cannot say enough wonderful things about him. He is truly warrior knight to his craft and we consider ourselves extremely lucky to have engaged his services. Any individual would be in the best of hands to have him as their attorney"


“If you are looking for an exceptional lawyer, let your search end here with Kevin Astl. Finding a lawyer can be extremely overwhelming and time consuming. I was fortunate enough to be referred to Kevin by a mutual friend, and I could not be more pleased with the services he has provided for me. After my initial consultation with him, I can confidently say that Kevin is one of the most intelligent individuals that I have ever met. I have multiple friends who are going through divorce at this time, as well, and every one of them wish they had used Kevin instead of the attorney that they selected to represent them. Divorce is a difficult process, in and of itself. The attorney you choose can make or break your divorce experience. I can rest assured that I have the best attorney in Hillsborough County on my team.”


“Kevin represented me in the most harrowing experience of my life, A child custody case involving my 10 month old son. From the initial consultation Kevin was passionate, honest and unrelenting. I could tell this man honestly cared about and understood my situation. Almost equally as important he is cost-efficent and will not waste your money. I also have to praise his paralegal whom I worked closely with. She displayed the same passion and understanding as Kevin and is excellent at what she does. Nothing get past her and she saved me countless dollars with her efficiency. My end result was settled in mediation and never even went to court, again saving a countless amount of money. Kevin and his team are as good as it gets. I highly recommend them.”


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